The Challenge

In 2010 Mr Bellamy was the HVAC maintenance man, for this 28,000 square foot building. He was approached by the owner that the DCF employees were complaining of lack of  comfortable temperature work conditions. Jim suggested getting price quotes from three different commercial HVAC companies for changing out/replacing 3 of the 6 – 10 ton roof mount units. She came back with the lowest estimate being $30,000. She said she could not afford that, but also could not afford to loose the DCF lease contract for use of her building.  Jim then presented her with the solution of using his newly developed Arctic Gator™ to give the employees the temperature comfort they were seeking in summer or winter.  Jim having found great success from the previous Arctic Gator™ installations, thought this type of building would also benefit from an energy and maintenance solution.  Jim told her with a 30 ton Arctic Gator™ retrofitted to just 3 of the existing units, she would see a significant energy savings, and at a later date he could come back and add the other units into the Arctic Gator™.

The Solution

Jim suggested he could install Arctic Gator™ for a cost of $19,500 to include use of 3 of the existing units that were in good working condition and the compressors on the remaining 3 units tied into the system for redundancy. He built and installed a 30 ton Arctic Gator™.

The Result

The KW Demand on DCF’s electric bill dropped 40%, resulting in significant savings. The employee comfort level was astronomical. The ladies were wearing sweaters inside the building in the summer and complaints completely dropped off.


  • The original 60-ton, 12-compressor air-to-air system was transformed into a highly efficient 20-ton, 4-compressor hydronic system
  • Temperatures are now maintained at a constant 70 degrees in whole building.
  • The owner saved monies on the installation and on the ongoing monthly bills.  Plus let’s not forget the employees are very happy and that is great for the owner as well!