DemandSide Energy Solutions, Inc., an installation and engineering partner, has recently completed an Arctic Gator™ retrofit installation at a private business in Florida on November 2021.

The business occupied their new facility in Florida to consolidate their multiple offices in St. Augustine.

The Challenge

To keep the 21,530 sq.ft. buildings delicate environmental concerns of their production process, which included humidity and temperature in control. The owner’s concern was that they didn’t want multiple split systems scattered throughout the complex with a prohibited energy cost.

Conventional Air to Air Systems required the installation of (7) 5-ton split systems and conventional duct work in 2 warehouse sections.

The Solution

DemandSide Energy Solutions installed a 20-ton Arctic Gator™, (2) new 5-ton condensers and (2) 5-ton air handlers for the 2 warehouses which totaled 21,530 sq.ft.  Within the middle warehouse, an additional 3 rooms adding up to 1200 sq.ft. required the addition of a 5-ton air handler to the Arctic Gator™ due to stringent low humidity requirements.

The existing 3069 sq.ft. offices originally had (2) 2.5-ton split systems. We tied (2) 2.5-ton air handlers to the Arctic Gator™, took one 2.5-ton condenser completely out and tied the 2nd 2.5-ton condenser to the Arctic Gator™.

The Results

The adaptability of the Arctic Gator™ made it possible to keep humidity levels down and desired temperature of 72 degrees in all 25,799 sq.ft. with air to air and with as many units as required, they would have consumed 180 amps on run time, running the system.

With the Arctic Gator™ as the system, they are consuming now 46 amps on run time.


  • The energy consumption was reduced from 180 amps on run time to 46 amps
  • The buildings temperature is a constant 72 degrees…in Florida.
  • The monthly costs will be updated here when we get the updated info from the owners…stay tuned.