Transform your old air-to-air HVAC system to an Arctic Gator™ system

  • Reduce your expensive peak demand power consumption – without sacrificing comfort
  • Need to replace your system now? Arctic Gator™ costs 20-35% less than conventional replacement systems
  • Control humidity levels in your facility which improves overall comfortability
  • SAVE!! Your monthly electric bill could decrease by 35% or MORE!
  • Eliminate CFC refrigerants – which are harmful to us as well as the environment
  • 2X’s the operating life of a conventional system
  • Efficient heating AND cooling
  • NO disruptions during the integration of Arctic Gator™
  • Experience and ROI within 5 years

Arctic Gator™ is designed to solve the four primary shortcomings of conventional HVAC/R systems

  1. Your existing system is a Peak Demand hog
    • Power companies charge a premium based on peak Kilowatt demand (kWd). Your current system drives up your peak demand power consumption by constantly turning the compressors on and off to maintain temperature. Arctic Gator™ utilizes less compressors which in turn will greatly reduce the demand power consumption and your electricity bill.
  2. Your system requires costly service and maintenance
    • Your current system works under high pressure that puts stress on seals, gaskets, coils, connectors and accelerates wear and tear on compressors. Arctic Gator™ functions at much lower pressures which will reduce the component failure tremendously.
  3. Technology and regulations drive up the cost of upgrading or replacing your system
    • Efficiency gains and increased regulations of conventional systems are being outpaced by the rising cost of new technology. By installing Arctic Gator™, you will save 20-35% versus replacing your current system and integrate it with existing components that have been reconditioned to meet regulations. Also, Arctic Gator™ lasts 2X’s longer than a conventional system.
  4. Your current system poses health and environmental risks
    • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFS’s) and Hydrofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) used in refrigerants deplete the ozone once they inevitably reach the stratosphere. Arctic Gator™ removes half the refrigerant required by conventional systems and the lower operating pressures reduce the potential for refrigerant leaks.