The Challenge

The 24,960 square foot historical building was in desperate need of an HVAC system upgrade. They were operating off of 10 units and a 9,000 BTU mini-split. The upstairs units were all running off 100-120 feet of copper piping, which was not effective for cooling. The building needed updated ductwork and to reach cooler temperatures. 

The Solution

The owner of the building met with Demandside Energy Solutions Inc. and was able to receive a custom estimate for the upgrades needed along with the installation of an Arctic Gator™ built specifically to their needs. Once the Arctic Gator™ was installed, the building saw an immediate improvement in cooling efficiency. 

The Results

The building was able to go from an old HVAC system; consisting of 32.5 tons, to an Arctic Gator™ 20-ton system that works in conjunction with two of the original 4-ton units and two new 5-ton units. 


  • The HVAC system was changed from an inefficient 32.5 ton system to a fully functional 18-ton system. 
  • The cooling levels have been consistently maintained throughout the 25,960 sq ft of the building. 
  • The power bill results will be updated here!